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Children & Youth

Making a Difference

Our declaration for the children's ministry: "We decree and declare that the kids in our care will love, honor, and serve God with passion and fervor, and they will carry a greater anointing than we do."

Our desire for the children's ministry is to help raise spirit-led kids who will walk in the complete truth of who they are as sons and daughters of the most high God. Every child is born with faith and it's our desire to help grow it. We want to introduce them to the fullness of Jesus and help them to know that they have worth, that they have value, and how very loved they are. 

In this ministry, we will introduce the kids to a very real and living God and we will plat seeds for them to have one-on-one encounters with God. They will meet with Him, worship Him, praise Him, and learn to hear from Him. We want to lead them to build an intimate relationship with their Father because that is his desire for his kids.

God longs for a generation of kids to raise up that truly know Him as their father because they have eyes that see and ears that hear. By loving God together, we can help his children know that they have a loving father, help them hear his voice, and build their faith to trust Him to lead them in their life.

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